SEVIC 2023 Keynote Address – Beatrix Busse



Dear Friends!

Don’t miss our Keynote Address – “Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders – Shaping Education for Sustainability”!


Our notable Keynote Speaker is PROF. DR. BEATRIX BUSSE, Vice-Rector for Teaching and Studies at the University of Cologne, and Chief Development Officer of the European University for Well-Being (EUniWell).



Science and research-based education, driven by digital education and artificial intelligence, shape tomorrow’s leaders. This includes sustainable education, which ensures that there is a tomorrow to shape – a tomorrow that demands local, but also global, solutions for global problems. This keynote highlights the societal impact and relevance of a European educational strategy focused, uniquely, on well-being. It goes further to argue that sustainable education matters beyond the environment; sustainable education promotes the holistic well-being of those intended to protect it: learners. It emphasizes well-being as a key competence to sustainable education using an inter- and transdisciplinary approach that integrates e.g., environmental, social, ethical, digital, and entrepreneurial questions.

By raising responsible, action-oriented, competent leaders who can meet the challenges of our changing world, it is possible to co-create an education for sustainability that fulfills an ethical obligation and contributes towards a liveable future and a tomorrow-mind. Following a short keynote presentation, Professor Busse will discuss a series of questions in an interview format before opening up the conversation to all participants.


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