SEVIC 2023 Keynote Address – Maryna Tsehelska


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Don’t miss our ninth Keynote Address – “Shaping Education with Systemic Functional Linguistics: Transforming Teaching Landscapes”!




Our notable Keynote Speaker is DR. MARYNA TSEHELSKA, TESOL-Ukraine Vice President, and Director of the Educational Centre “Interclass”.






The Keynote Address explores how Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) revolutionizes education. SFL’s core principles, metafunctions, register, and genre, challenge traditional teaching methods, fostering critical thinking and enhancing language acquisition and literacy. By reshaping pedagogy and integrating SFL, educators can create a dynamic learning environment. The focus is on genre analysis within the SFL framework, demonstrating its potential in guiding effective teaching and developing robust literacy skills. Real-life case studies illustrate SFL’s transformative power, highlighting its role in creating informed and empowered learners.




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