Embroidered with steel: we find resources to protect our native land

Biological diversity is one of the key categories in nature conservation. Its preservation is a prerequisite for sustainable ecologically balanced development of territories and communities. Currently, one of the key threats to the biological diversity of Ukraine is Russian military aggression, because our valuable natural ecosystems are at the epicenter of environmental terrorism.

It is symbolic that precisely on the Day of Biological Diversity, at the initiative of the Department of Biology and Ecology of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, the rector of the Precarpathian National University Igor Tsependa met with the famous Frankish public figure and volunteer Stanislav Kovanovskyi. Since the first days of the war, he has been organizing multimillion-dollar gatherings and independently delivering everything necessary to our defenders at the front lines.

During the meeting, the prospects and directions of further work on joint projects were discussed, in particular, on the charitable event “Code of the Nation: ecological foundation (embroidered with steel)” announced by the Department of Biology and Ecology. Such cooperation opens up new opportunities and resources for the protection of the native land and every life on it, as the highest value.