Training of foreign language specialists has started in Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University long ago.  In particular, the specialty “English language and literature” was founded back in 1973.  The department of the English language,  headed by the associate professor  G.D. Polishchuk, was formed in June of the same year.  The faculty of foreign languages started up in 1975 and the first graduation of qualified teachers of “English language and literature” took place. At that time it was the only specialty on the faculty of foreign languages- “English language and literature”.

The first graduates of the specialty “English language and literature”.  


The department of the German language was founded for the implementation of the educational process in this language as the second specialty in September 1976. Later a number of teachers with academic degrees and titles, teachers with great experience were invited to the faculty. V.O. Kravchenko, L. A. Ostapenko, Y. A. Baran, L. K. Uvarova, and the others were among them.  V. V Fischuk, V. H. Matviyishyn, V.V. Lazarovich, B.A. Grytsiuk, Y. T. Bylytsya were the deans of faculty at different times.

Specialists training in the German language and literature was formed in 1989.

The Department of General and Germanic Philology was founded in 1990 (it has been as the part of foreign language faculty since 2008). The part-time department of specialty “English language and literature” began to function in 1993 and the part-time department of specialty “the German language and literature” in 1997.  Specialists training in the specialty “French language and literature ” has been implemented since 2002 (full-time education). The department of the German and French  Philology was formed in 2004, the section of French  Philology was incorporated into the Department of World Literature which later was renamed to the Department of World Literature and French Philology. In 2006, the Department of World Literature and French Philology was reorganized and the graduation department of French Philology was formed. In 2006, the Faculty of Foreign Languages was renovated by means the separation of its departments from the Institute of Philology.

Chinese began to be studied as the second foreign language at the faculty in 2004. In 2009, the faculty was reaccredited at the highest – fourth state level. The faculty has provided one more specialty – “Translation” since 2016.

The faculty of foreign languages invites professors, Doctors of Science from other educational institutions of Ukraine for the effective providing of the educational process. V.V Mihaylenko, Doctor of Philology,  Professor of  Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, M. M  Polyuzhyn, Doctor of Philology, Professor of Transcarpathian State University, worked at the department of English Philology in different years and O.O. Ogui, Doctor of Philology, Professor of  Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University – at the Department of German Philology,  M. M Popovich, Doctor of Philology,  Professor of  Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University –at the department of French Philology. The faculty and departments have established and maintained close contacts with many educational institutions of Ukraine, namely, with Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv Linguistic University, Lviv University, Chernivtsi University, Uzhgorod University, and the others.

The Faculty today:

 Dean of the faculty – Yatskiv Nataliia Yaremivna. Natalia Yaremivna graduated from Ivan Franko Drohobych State Pedagogical Institution by specialty “French language and literature”, Doctor of Philology (Ph.D.),  (2000), Professor (2016), total work experience in the higher education institution – 18 years.

Associate Dean – Venhrynovych Andrii Antonovich, PhD, Associate Professor; Ivanotchak Nataliia Illivna, PhD, Assistant lecturer; Pyliachyk Natalia Evgenivna, PhD, Associate Professor.

The educational process is carried out at the departments of faculty by 64 regular teachers, 2 of them are Doctors of Philology and Professors, 1 certified professor, 40 Ph.D., Associate Professors, 21 assistant lecturers. The proportion of teachers with scientific degrees and titles is up today at the faculty about 67,4%.

  Departments: the department of English Philology is headed by Bystrov  Yakiv Volodymyrovych, Doctor of Philology, Professor; the department of German Philology is headed by Ostapovich Oleh Yaroslavovich, Ph.D., Associate Professor; the department of French Philology is headed by Bigun Olga Albertivna, Ph.D., Associate Professor. The Department of General and Germanic Linguistics and the Department of World Literature Comparative literary studies are involved in the educational process of foreign languages faculty. The head of the Department of General and Germanic Linguistics is Kononenko Vitaly Ivanovich, Ph.D., Professor. And the head of the department of World Literature and  Comparative literary studies is Kozlyk Igor Volodymyrovych, Ph.D., Professor.