SEVIC 2023 Keynote Address – Dr. Kevin Merges


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Don’t miss our second Keynote Address – “Emerging Technologies Supporting Education with Blockchain, Web3, and Virtual Real

Our notable Keynote Speaker is DR. KEVIN MERGES, Executive Director of Global Education Programs at Rutgers Preparatory School, Co-Founder of Virtual Research, LLC.



The objectives for the session are to familiarize the participants with current work to grow a resilient infrastructure using Web3 and virtual reality technology, and offer a vision for the future development possible with the integration of emerging technology.  We will explain current virtual reality projects in education, the uses of digital certificates, and artificial intelligence.  NGOs can benefit from the use of blockchain tools by using the cryptographically verified digital certificates.  Artificial intelligence can increase productivity and democratize access to content for NGOs and educational institutions.  Schools and universities in virtual reality afford educators access to a global audience and connect cultures through technology that is currently available.


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