Reflections on the prospects of using the future profession

Students of the Group COA – 35 (subgroup 1) of the English Philology Department, Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, within the framework of the “Basic Foreign Language (English)” course (lecturer – Associate Professor Diana Sabadash), tried their hand at developing a business plan for the project, which involves applying the knowledge acquired within the curriculum.

The primary objective of this type of educational activity was not to teach students to create a business plan in accordance with the set criteria, but to give them the opportunity to think creatively about the possibilities of using the acquired profession in the future. In addition, this type of learning activity contributes to 1) mastering general and professional competencies, 2) improving multimedia presentation skills, 3) developing critical and analytical thinking, 4) modeling leadership and teamwork skills.

You can see the developed business plan and its multimedia presentation below.

Students of the Group COA – 35 (subgroup 1): «Our business plan for the project “English language school + cooking”. What does it mean? There are two levels of learning. At the first level students obtain  general language skills. And at the second level there is a great opportunity to learn simultaneously English and cooking with the professional cook, who is a native speaker. Duration of the first level of studying – 4 months and the same at the second level.We work three times per week with our students and once a week they have a great opportunity to gather together, eat the food they prepare and communicate in English ( a kind of an English speaking club ). We cooperate with restaurants that are known around the whole world and the best student of the second level may have a splendid opportunity to be hired abroad. The price of the first level course is 8000 UAH and 20000 UAH for the second  one.»